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Candice Marie Owens
September 4, 1982 - June 30, 2011
Greenbrier, Tennessee

My memories of Candice will never be forgotten her and james let me in so many times when I needed it she was a great mother I will never forget you Candice I will be there for james and the kids you were gone to soon

Posted by: Josh - Greenbrier, TN - Cousin
Jun 13, 2013


I remember the first time i meet candice we hit it off and made a impact on my life.candice babygirl i promise to keep trying to get justice and to sat up two candle light service each year we miss you and will always carry you with us until the end of our times we love you.

Posted by: dawn - sspringfield, TN - friend
Sep 11, 2011

I didn't know Candice long but the short time I did know her was the best, everytime I could see her, I did and when I couldn't, I would ask where she was and hoping she was okay. I liked talking to her, giving her advice whenever I could, but I could never give her better advice than she gave me, she helped me get out of something before it got bad. I'm so glad I listened to her, she was such a good person. No matter what "wrong" she was doing, she was always thinking of others, and setting them straight because she had good intentions. I know everything is better for her now.. no more pain, no more suffering. RIP Candice, you will be missed.

Posted by: Lisa - Westmoreland, TN - Friend
Jul 20, 2011

I last saw Candice when we were in middle school. I remember she and David used to walk to my house sometimes to play when we were kids. My prayers to the family.

Posted by: Jamie Wilhelm - Pittsburgh, PA - childhood friend
Jul 13, 2011


Enjoyed my time with her at East Robertson High shcool and riding the Tech bus with her to Sprinfeild High

Posted by: Gary {Pudgy} Hudgens - High School Friend
Jul 06, 2011

First and foremost, I am so saddened by what has happened to Candice. She will be missed deeply and eternally. We have been friends what seems all our lifes as my mother and father knew both her mother and father when they were children and when we met in Jr High from that point forward we were inseperable. We went through many many FIRSTS together and even had our first children together, who were best friends theirselves for years!

Candice was such a good hearted person who truly had good intentions. It is so sad all the pain she had to endure and in some ways I am happy for her that she will no longer have to feel that pain. But on the other hand saddened that her children will never get to feel her warm hug again. I am hopeful one day though, I will get to share with them what a beautiful and loving person she was!

The whole family is in my prayers & most of you I know very well. Know that I love you all regardless and am so sorry for what happened. I only wish I could have had one last good bye. If anyone knows how to get in touch with her mother or aunt, please have them give me a call at 360-941-9579.

Posted by: Tosha Gezley - Bellingham, WA - Good friend.
Jul 06, 2011

she was a good person

Posted by: Ray Comptom - Springfield, TN - Friend
Jul 05, 2011


As kids we played our parents were friends. We were really close for awhile but as all things do they fade away. I still remember telling everyone we were god sisters or cousins lol. I would always think of you from time to time just wondering what you were up to. I would see you every once in a while and we would exchange numbers but we would never call. I wish I would have taken the time to get back in your life; I will never get the chance now. We can't change what's happened to you we can only pray that your murder is caught and gets what he deserves. Rest in peace girl you will be missed and forever in my memories. Watch over those babies, be their guardian angle.

Posted by: Rebecca O'Saile (Poole) - Family Friend
Jul 04, 2011

Please accept my sympathy in the loss of the pretty young girl I remember from her days at Greenbrier Middle School.

Posted by: Barbara Crain - Springfield, TN - friend of the family
Jul 04, 2011

We are so sorry to hear about your passing let me just put it. This way SPREAD YOUR WINGS AND FLY WITH THE OTHER ANGELS because that's what you are

Posted by: The England's - Springfield - Family Friend
Jul 04, 2011


We were deeply sadden to hear of the passing of such a sweet beautiful person. We are praying for you all. God Bless.

Posted by: The Harts - friend of a firiend
Jul 03, 2011

Rest in Peace Candice, I will always have the good memories we made together back in the day. I am so very sorry your life was cut so short. I pray that you will find all the Happiness in Heaven that you could find in your life. Praying for your family and your sweet babies.

Posted by: Mandy - Springfield, TN - friend
Jul 03, 2011


Was real nice meeting you i got to know your good side and your kind heart rest in peace with the lord Little sister

Posted by: T.E MANTLOW - friend
Jul 03, 2011

We laughed alot about everything i did my best to help her get her GED but she just couldnt stay focused , she had a rough life but was a good person at heart i hope she rest in peace Good bye little sister you will be missed ,

Posted by: T.E Mantlow - Springfield, TN - Friend
Jul 03, 2011

Candice, i hate that you left the world the way you did. you earned your wings, fly high, babygirl. you're everyone's angel now. i never will forget that night you me and Squeaky were kicking it in Southtown when we were teenagers. or that night you got blitzed and had to crash at my house. the way you fell in my hallway, i thought you'd broken your neck. i hope you find the peace in the afterlife that was always a step ahead of you in life. Love ya!

Posted by: booger - springfield, TN - cousin
Jul 03, 2011